Guarantees and product price indication

Silvex S.p.A. does not sell used, irregular or sub-standard products in comparison to those commonly offered on the market.

The main features of the products are presented on our site inside each product sheet. However, the pictures and colours of the products on sale may differ from the actual ones due to variations in browser and monitor displays.

The products prices could be subject to change due to the fluctuations of the silver price. In any case, once a product has been ordered, its price is confirmed and will no longer be subject to change. The prices of the products indicated in the reserve area of the site are not inclusive of sales tax. The cost of transportation, clearly highlighted on the appropriate page inside the site, is to be paid entirely by the Customer along with any possible additional charges associated with taxes imposed by the the laws of the country of destination.

Purchase orders with deliveries to different countries from those listed on the splash page might not be accepted by Silvex S.p.A.

In the event of the Customer exercising right of withdrawal, Silvex S.p.A. may choose not to accept the return of those goods which are deemed to have been qualitatively altered or damaged or which are without their original packaging.