To us, e-commerce means respect of your time and needs. With all Silvex guarantees: all over the world, 24 hours a day.

Silvex c-commerce

We allow ourselves to say it: we have created an e-commerce website working exactly like us. Because in it you can find not simply a few pieces of jewellery, but all our classical, exclusive and trendy collections. Because by simply looking at your jewel, you will seem to touch it by hand, thanks to the high-resolution pictures which were taken paying a special attention to your careful and expert eyes.

It has the great advantage of an e-commerce website: it can clear all your requests anytime, 24 hours a day, and can do so exactly as we would: with precision and timeliness, letting you freely choose the most suited jewels among the many we offer you, all accurately selected and inspected by Silvex, in all the various production types, whether industrial or craft made.

It’s good to know that behind this important innovation is such an expert Company which built its leadership on the word “quality”. An important word, which we have been unceasingly repeating in every single piece of our jewellery since 35 years…