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Sterling Silver Jewellery

925 Sterling Silver jewelry

Silver is chosen as a metal to manufacture jewels for its beauty and brightness.
Thanks to its malleability, silver can be easily worked into beautiful jewels.  However, due to its weakness to pressure, which makes it easy to beak, this metal must be alloyed with other metals which allow it to become stronger. According to the percentage of the alloyed metals, each single piece of silver jewelry has a hallmark, which helps identify the quantity of silver content, its quality and purity.
925 sterling silver is made of  a 92.5% content of fine silver and a 7,5% content of copper.
Every jewel is hallmarked “Ag 925” so that it can be distinguished from those jewels with a different percentage  of silver alloy.
To give its customers the highest quality, e-Silvex guarantees that all its silver jewels are produced with a 925 sterling silver alloy.


Nickel Free

In some cases nickel and other hard metals are alloyed with fine silver to get  it harder and make the jewel’s surface brighter. Presence of nickel may cause irritation to sensitive skins or to those who are allergic to it.
For this,  e-Silvex chose to preserve its customers and only sells products made without any nickel or any other hard metals which might cause allergies or irritations. 

Galvanic treatments

All jewels on sale on our website undergo a galvanic treatment, a technique used to cover the silver with a thin layer of a more noble or precious metal by means of an electrolytic deposit chemical procedure. Besides giving the silver a particular colour according to the different metal used (various kind of gold colours, rhodium, ruthenium…), such a process also allows the jewel to become more resistant to scratches, abrasion and corrosion.
If exposed to external contaminations, such as contact to skin, perfumes or acid substances,  silver naturally becomes opaque, thus requiring a frequent cleaning.
The galvanic treatment also gives the jewel  a high chemical resistance, hardly reducing the contamination process.

We use the following galvanic treatments/plating:
Rhodium, Ruthenium, Yellow gold, Rosé gold, Chocolate gold, Bronze